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CBD Update: Covering More Commonly Asked Questions

Since there is such a great amount of information already to sort through, as well as new developments and scientific discoveries all the time, it’s important to continue our discussion on the current CBD facts and FAQ here in our blogs. Today we look further at the benefits, risks, and what’s being studied in the realm of cannabidiol:

Can CBD heal nerve damage?

CBD is currently being studied to determine whether it has the ability to alleviate nerve damage/pain, such as in sciatica, as medical marijuana has been. (As we know, the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, with sciatica being pain that runs along that nerve.) With medical marijuana showing promise for treating radicular pain, of which sciatica is a form, CBD is believed to possibly possess a similar benefit.

A study author of a recent medical marijuana study, Israel’s Dr. Haggai Sharon of the Sagol Brain Institute in Tel Aviv Medical Center explains, “Pain is a complex experience that involves both the senses and emotions. Our study results link pain relief from THC with a reduction in the connections between areas of the brain otherwise heavily connected, suggesting that THC may alleviate pain by disrupting signals between these pain processing pathways.” (Sharon, H., 2018, September 9).

Although THC is believed to alleviate pain by disrupting neural pathway signals, CBD is thought to work differently. According to Cresco Labs, CBD relieves pain and inflammation non-psychoactively, unlike THC. Instead, says the lab, CBD’s inflammation-reducing traits are able to eliminate excessive immune-related stress, allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently. This appears to be evident in the significant reduction of symptoms in those with neuropathy.

What are the benefits of CBD oil on healing nerve damage?

When the body’s nerves are damaged, injured, or otherwise malfunction, the result is neuropathy, a remarkably intense, often debilitating, pain. CBD oil has been studied to determine its efficacy in treating this type of pain.

One study’s author, Canadian McGill University’s Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Gabriella Gobbi, found that the “most effective neuropathic pain relief occurs after 1 week of daily CBD treatment."

Gobbi, having conducted the study in the University’s Neurobiological Psychiatry Unit, explained that the experiments resulted in serotonin being increased over a week’s time via the densensitization of the 5-HT1A receptor -- which is similar to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which "also requires a few days or weeks before having a therapeutic effect — likely because some neuroplastic event occurs at the level of the receptors.” (Degregorio, McLaughlin, Ryan, et al., 2019, January).

Can CBD oil help with nerve degeneration diseases?

Although in its early stages, CBD is oil is currently being studied for nerve degeneration diseases with positive results. CBD has been studied for its potential to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, which is highly degenerative to the nerves, primarily impacting the nerves deep in the brain. In the study, participants who used CBD oil reported greatly reduced tremors, sleep difficulties, rigidness, slowness of movement, and overall pain (Abrams, D., 2010, Winter).

According to Jenny Wilkerson, University of Florida’s Assistant Professor of Pharmacodynamics, and Lance McMahon, the University’s Professor and Chair of Pharmacodynamics, “laboratory studies show that CBD may be of use for the treatment and prevention of neuropathic pain, or an amplified response that may be due to nerve cell damage.”

To substantiate, CBD injections given both prevented, (Ward, McAllister, Kawamura, et al. (2013, October 4), and reversed the development of (King, Myers, Soroka-Monzo, et al., 2017, May 26) one hallmark sign of neuropathic pain referred to as mechanical allodynia.

Rodent pain studies vs. human studies

It’s occasionally stressed by study authors that readers should read closely to understand the strengths and limitations of each study. One such author states that, “An important caveat to these findings is that not all compounds that produce effects in rodent pain studies will work in humans. Further, most of these studies examined the effects of injected CBD. So far, there is little evidence showing therapeutic effects of either edible or transmucosal, the administration of a drug across a mucous membrane, CBD for pain. There is only limited evidence for the use of transdermal CBD.” The author goes on to suggest that some claims on the benefits of CBD are premature until further human studies are conducted.

In conclusion:

As time goes on, we’ll be reviewing the latest news and research on CBD oil to update our blogs. Stay tuned so you can see what this exciting new realm may have in store for you!

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